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Wednesday, 01 November 2017


Soo @ hungryones

Lovely looking city!

Kenneth Bonus

Let me just say that you are a braver man than me, Kirk!


Very lovely Soo. Nice people too.

I'm hoping your son got to try some of the traditional dishes when he was in Iceland Ken!


eww pee...


Hi Kat - It did taste ok though.


Wonder if they serve a milder version for tourists.


I heard that they weren't Junichi. Which is why we went there.


I had the fermented shark that was served with a shot of Black Death at a little seafood place in Reykjavik this past March. It tasted like blue cheese with a hint of sauerkraut at the finish. Very chewy, but not bad. I thought the Black Death was way harder to swallow (I hate licorice liquors). The lobster soup we had was also made with a coconut milk base. Weird.

Nicole @ Bento Momentos

Wow, the food looks so hearty. I think that Iceland works are from people banging their keyboard keys. :D


I didn't think the fermented shark was that bad GFG.

Very hearty Nicole!


A great experience for readers alike, Kirk.


How are you RonW! It's so nice to hear from you. I hope you are doing well.

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