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Monday, 09 October 2017





Very sad Kat.


What time did you visit? Place sounds like a buffet between meal times...


1130 am Soo......lunchtime.


We drove by around the first two weeks, saw the line and tried Hong Kong BBQ in the same lot, which was also overcrowded. Sad it isn’t good; always looking for an easy quick meal in that area that isn’t a chain.


The XLB scene in San Diego is bleak. But that's the first time I've heard of cold XLB being served. Yikes!


Hopefully they'll improve Cathy.

With no soup Junichi!


Thanks for the review, we also drove by during the hype period but were scared away by the crowds. Never got around to going back, so thanks! This is one of the reasons we go to China Max which is ordered, you never know how long the items have been on the carts.


Oh nooooo (that's what I kept whispering to myself with each look of your food photos). The roast pork looked great but everything else - gosh - yikes. Was Calvin able to see the XLB before the server placed it on the table?


Hi Jason - We were really surprised at how mediocre the food and handling of the food was.

He was Faye.....but he was also determined to get that.


It all looks...deficient.

Do you prefer carts or ordering off menu? I love the idea of carts but I'm always anxious I won't get something I crave. OTOH, ordering off a menu just seems so antiseptic, though I know I'll get what I want.


Hi James - There's something quite nostalgic about cart service, but we're definitely in the menu camp.


yikes, your food looks so much worse than when I visited the first weekend. I've been hesitant to go back since I thought things were just okay and overpriced on my first visit. Hopefully one of these days we'll get a dim sum place to be excited about.


Hi Kirbie - Yeah, our two visits were quite disappointing.

Jon W.

Looks like things have gotten slightly better? I went this past weekend and while food is only so-so it looks like they do have temperatur under control, at least for dinner service.


I'm hoping they have Jon. Or perhaps it might be a dinner thing? I'm going to wait a while to revisit. Hopefully they'll have things straightened out by then.

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