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Wednesday, 04 October 2017


Soo @ hungryones

Nice. I'm looking forward to trying the various fried chicken wings. I drive by that place alot.


Check them out Soo!


"This wasn't too sweet, very light, unobtrusive, slightly winey (cat pee), easy to drink."

I almost spritzed my keyboard with coffee as I read that one.


Lol Alnc - That's how they describe Sauvignon pee.... I just did a quick google thingy:


I thought you made that up yourself, Kirk--thanks for providing the link. Perhaps I'll use the cat pee description to deter my brother in law from guzzling all the SB.


Right after he takes his first sip Alnc.... lol!


Gotta give them credit for honestly wanting to know how they can improve. Sounds like a good place to check out!


hope they can improve on flavor and crispness!


Check them out Jason!

I hope so too Kat.


I do wish they'd use smaller wings too for more flavor and crispier skin. But then I guess they'd have to adjust the price as well. I do hope this sticks around longer than Your Story.

Kenneth Bonus

So now we know why the food blogger crosses the road.....


I agree Kirbie; smaller wings, easier to handle, better skin to meat ratio.

To get some wings Ken! lol!


ugh, I have 5 indoor cats and thinking about inhaling that aroma while drinking/eating anything makes me gag


Lol FH!!

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