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Monday, 14 August 2017





Oh wow- it hasn't changed. Salt plus horseradish is what was needed then. I think they cater to the sodium restricted diet crowd.


Oh, imagine it with blue cheese.


Yes Kat.......

Hi Cathy - I just recall it being this bland; but that was back in the early 2000's

Hi Billy - That might have helped.....very old school approach.


I had a few steaks there. They were bland too.


Hi Soo - Yeah, kind bland...kind of dated.


Not to offend = bland I guess.


It's been longer for me since I went to The Butcher Shop. Back then, my co-worker and I felt like we were the only women having lunch at the restaurant. It didn't take long for us to realize why there were so many men - the lingerie show!


I actually like the Butcher Shop for an occasional medium rare rib eye with the boys for an old school experience. Personally I prefer to make my own but It's a decent bang for your buck place if you are going out for steak.


Quite true Junichi....

Lingerie show Sandy?!? How long ago was that?

I guess I rarely go out for "steak" Jack.....


Our high school 20 year reunion was held there...but in the banquet room. The name of the restaurant doesn't sound so nice but the food at the reunion was all right.


I think alright is good description CC!

Alan in Clairemont

They do a nice Shrimp Scampi pasta (although I swap out the angel hair for linguini). A martini or two, salad and garlic bread and its a pretty good dinner for not too much, particularly during happy hour. Last time I had Prime Rib there I did have to add salt (it was good though). I still prefer Bully's East for Prime Rib.


I prefer Bully's for Prime Rib as well Alan.

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