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Thursday, 10 August 2017



Ed, what a wonderful story and a great trip down memory lane for you! If I ever get up to Medford, I will definitely visit Four Daughters.

Soo @ hungryones

Awesome looking Irish Pub! There is a pretty cool Irish Pub downtown called The Field.


Great post Ed!

Ed (from Yuma)

Thanks Sandy, Kirk, Soo. This one is from the heart.


Fantasic story!!! Loved it! I hope you stayed at the Rogue Regency Inn & suites while in Medford? One of the nicest hotels on the West coast and the attached restaurant is easily 4 star. We stayed there Tuesday night on our way home to Yuma from Portland.


Ed - a wonderful post, and I absolutely enjoy family history as well as anything food related, so I am very glad you included that. I've not ever been to Oregon, but look forward to doing that within the next few years. My immigrant forebears came from Darmstadt, Germany; Alsace-Lorraine, and Ireland - the latter landing I believe in Canada, and then down to another great state: Iowa. Thanks so much.


What a pleasant post! It's so nice to know your history and to be able to see the building still standing. This is America.


Medford has been on my list of places to visit in Oregon Ed (since it's on the way to Crater Lake), now even more so knowing your personal connection. Thank you for sharing your story in this post.


Awesome post! Thank you for that fascinating history Ed. My grandfather was a POW in the Philippines too, though was transported to Japan later in the war and was liberated there.

David Coy

Really enjoyed your post, Ed. It was fun to imagine you as a young dishwasher.

Ed (from Yuma)

Thanks Joanie, for the nice comment. Tina and I stayed well (though I never remember these things), but health willing, I will have at least one more post on Medford.

Sandy, Soo, Four Daughters is really quite an impressive Irish pub.

Judy - Tina and my family history comes mostly from southwestern Germany – Black Forest etc. – except for my grandfather Schempp who never knew who his father was, so I like to imagine perhaps he was a Jewish rabbi – adds a bit of a curveball to the mix.

Yeah, Cathy, I never thought the building would still be there in 2017.

CC, Crater Lake is pretty awesome, but this year you couldn’t get in to see the rim until after Fourth of July – too much snowfall.

That’s amazing Jan. My dad was considered too sick to send to Japan to work. They thought he was dying. You are very lucky because most of them sent to Japan were sunk by US subs and aircraft on the way. It is really a small world.

You know, Dave, I actually enjoyed dishwashing and particularly waiting on tables in the evening. Easy easy work, but interesting. Thanks for commenting.


There's a recent article in the Washington Post about the importance of dishwashers - if you don't have good ones, the restaurant doesn't survive. So, a restaurateur of some repute (not anyone I know), decided to be a dishwasher . . . to have his eyes opened. And now that I'm remembering that, I should actually read it!


It turns out that it was a food writer who tried the 'dishwasher for a day' gig. I know that I could never survive that.



Amazing! Next week, I'll be back home in Medford for family events, but maybe i'll have a chance to go take a look at Four Daughters. Knowing the fascinating history behind that particular space will make it all the more interesting to visit =) Thanks for sharing!

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