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Sunday, 23 July 2017



:( super pricey


My family is planning on visiting CA soon and will be passing though Encinitas. I'm debating on including this on our list of places to try... With it being one of the only options would you recommend it?


Well it does not look.

Soo @ hungryones

Nice looking spot. Eating area reminds me of some food trucks I visited in Oahu. Kalua pork sound good.


For the portion size, yes....

Hi Shaun - If you want a plate lunch or something similar; there aren't too many choices in the area for that. But if it's good food you're looking for; there are some really good options in the area - Kaito, Crack Shack, Q'ero come to mind.

Not worth driving up there for me Billy.

The kalua pork was the best thing I had here Soo.


Thanks for saving me a drive to Leucadia :-) I think I'll stick with Homestyle Hawaiian for my plate lunch fix. Also, I vote for Crack Shack in Encinitas.


You might want to check them out if you're in the area, Sandy. Not worth a special drive to me though.


I love when you do local-kine foods. It's what brought me to your site many years ago!


Hey Jack - I'm glad you still enjoy these....I still get those cravings!

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