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Monday, 17 July 2017



Sure looks like they know how to fry their fishies.


I had no idea that there was a new restaurant in this mall! The food looks very good, and I like the branding on the bao.


I've seen the sign since they've opened, but haven't given it a try. I enjoy fish but never really got that hang of cooking it myself.

Since the HMart opened I've largely avoided trying to park there, maybe it's time to brave the parking situation.


Yes they do, Bill. I very much appreciate good frying techniques.
The signage on the street caught my eye, Sandy...only because I was stuck at that signal light forever. The fresh bao is so good.
So many types of fish as well as cooking styles done here, Eddie, you should find something you'll like. We park in the back-North on Westview and instead of turning left at the Taco shop and into the main parking area, turn just *behind* the taco shop. It's usually not filled up unless peak times on the weekend.


I think this is the same spot that used to be Po and Pho (a combination Cajun and VN place). Great choices for seafood, preparation, etc here. Very nice! That parking lot is not fun to navigate. Whenever I've gone to H-Mart, it is usually pretty early and I like parking in the back.

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

I stopped by here for the first time on Wednesday and was hoping to come back for the Tuesday bao special. That soft shell crab looks really good!


Mmm... Fried fish. :-) I gotta check this place out.


Po and Pho was next door (it's GoGo Sushi now), cc. The interior of this shop is kind of an odd triangle shape (gets wider the farther inside you go). I think all three of you would like the variety of choices here...once you find parking (yes, going behind the stores is the way to do it).
I'm glad you got to stop here, Lynn; there's such a variety of choices ...the concept of 'customizable' meals as part of the ordering (instead of appearing picky and changing a menu item) is a little different and appreciated.
The fry here is done right, Soo. You will like it.


To park in the back of the strip mall, it's north on Westview (not Westfield). The parking isn't as crazy as it was when H-Mart first opened. Speaking of H-Mart, I have heard that they're opening a store at the old Sports Authority on Balboa Avenue near the 805.


Thanks, Sandy, I corrected it. Also thanks for the HMart information- it's a nice store...that location will be a bit closer for us.

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