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Saturday, 08 July 2017



so sorry Kirk. beautiful tribute to Sammy.


So sorry to hear about Sammy. Those little furballs just break our hearts.


Rest in peace Sammy... I like how he had one last hurrah before he passed peacefully, I agree with you that he couldn't have planned it any better.

Black Belt Jonez

Damn Kirk, I wasn't planning on crying today. What a beautiful tribute. Rest in peace Sammy.


We loved him dearly Kat!

They absolutely do James; but they also give so much.

We were glad that he didn't suffer Jason.

Thanks BBJ...Sammy was one of a kind.

Ed (from Yuma)

So sad about Sammy. Glad you guys got nearly 15 years with him.


We had a wonderful almost 15 years with Sammy Ed!


RIP Sammy. My friends dog was like that too. She waited until everyone came home then went to a corner a quietly passed.


He was very special Junichi! Thanks.


Oh gosh I'm so sorry to hear about Sammy. That was a heartbreaking story but losing a pet is always so very hard. The pictures of him are priceless. Hope you and the Missus' hearts are mending.

Gypsy Jan

Condolences to you and your wife on the loss of Sammy.


What a lovely tribute to Sammy. Thank you for sharing Kirk.


We do miss him dearly Faye.

Thanks Jan.

Thank you for reading and commenting CC. We miss him every day.

Christina C

So sorry for the loss of your sweet pup. I always enjoyed his appearances in your posts.


Thanks Christina....we do miss him a lot!


Aww. RIP smart puppy. You had a good life.


He sure was a special little guy TFD.


Aww, I'm so sorry to hear about Sammy. =( I'm glad you were with him at the end though.


We were too Kirbie. We got to say goodbye....for now.


Reading about your loss brings back all the memories of my lost fur babies...thank you for sharing Kirk. I know he was well loved considering all the great left overs he scored over the years :)

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