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Tuesday, 25 July 2017




Speaking of ramen standards, have you tried Wokou in Carmel Valley yet. It's in my neck of the woods so I've been a couple times, but I'm curious on your opinion of it.


I've heard of it thru Eater, but haven't gotten there yet Jason. I'll put it on my "list".


Yikes. $16 for champon? Cabbage in katsudon? Your dedication to give places a second chance is commendable.


It's a different universe Junichi......


a bazillion :(


A bazillion Kat!


That raw egg, :(


And I like raw eggs CC....but not on a so'called katsudon!

Christina C

I tried this place since it's within walking distance and wasn't impressed. Sad, b/c it's always awesome to have places that are in your own hood. We got the "sushi". Messy, meh, the fish was maybe ok. I hate being harsh as well, but there is no way I'm going back. Life is too short for mediocre to bad food.


Don't go back, Kirk. You've already taken one for the team and that is enough. A place like this makes me think that opening a restaurant was not the owner's first choice. Too bad he/she did so anyway.


What does "JFC" stand for? My sister and I use these letters for a private curseword kinda thing so was wondering if it's the same meaning here. I have yet to try Menya and hope to soon. It's unfortunate Minato missed the mark on both your visits -


I have driven by many times and just couldn't get myself to try it out...thanks for taking one for the team!


It was pretty bad Christina.....

I probably won't Alnc.....

Lol Faye - It is kind of a curse word.... ;o)

I had some hope for this place Jack.....but it went down the drain.


Suddenly I feel very sad, which is a compliment to your
Ability to convey just how bad this place was. Thanks!


I was pretty sad about my visits here RD.

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