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Friday, 07 July 2017



Very smart to have good meals at local places in Phoenix; chains are easy but not remarkable. Both of these meals look so refreshing. Thanks for the explanations of the various ingredients, this will help- I saw a place up north that we might be trying soon.

Ed (from Yuma)

Thanks, Cathy. The problem with Ethiopian food is it generally looks alike. Differences are in spicing, taste, preparation, and injera, which are hard to see in photos.


Your meals looked so good Ed - I generally like the vegetable combo because there are so many choices. Sadly, one of my favorite Ethiopian places in San Diego, Harar, has kind of gone downhill. At a recent visit, there was no harissa sauce (or any other kind) offered and the flavors of the fo seemed to have been gringofied. It was a pretty bland meal which is surprising for Ethiopian food.

ed fromyuma

Ive noticed that with others in SD. Our last meal at Awash had really poor doro wat. Maybe 5 years down the road these newer places in PHX will gringofy as well.

Gypsy Jan

Hi KirkK, can't email you because I don't have Microsoft Outlook. I just nominated your blog for an award in Saeur;s "Best blog" contest. Best wishes, Gypsy Jan.

Gypsy Jan

Oops again! Sorry Ed and Tina for intruding on your report. I hope KirkK will get the message, my apologies. GJ


No problem Jan - Thanks so much! It's really nice to hear from you. Hope all is well.

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