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Wednesday, 05 July 2017


Soo @ hungryones

Good looking tacos!


These were quite good Soo...and that consommé!


Back when we were at La Sinaloense almost weekly, the apartments behind had temporary banners indicating it was a birrieria (I never saw the name 'Emily') and we had meant to go back and try. Glad you got there (and that it was good). KenB has been to a lot of good places.


Interesting Cathy....I wonder what it was. I think Emily's has only been around since January. Ken was so enthusiastic about this one; that I just had to go.

Kenneth Bonus

I'm glad you enjoyed the meal. We sure did! Now, I'm anxious to return to try the consomme. Did not spot this on the menu. Next time..... Plus: bring your own beer.


Yes, BYOB...though it's kind of a long car ride back for us Ken. Thanks again for the recommendation!


Those tacos look great (res for me!) :)


sounds & looks great, nice recommendation!

Alan Hays

Don't let the Missus kill you!...We need the blog... LOL


Looks and sounds like a winner.


Check them out CC!

It was Kat!

Lol Alan....I'll do my best not to let that happen.

It was Billy. Can't wait to go back.

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