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Wednesday, 03 May 2017



We were craving XLB the other day and remembered Facing East. It's sad to see them not doing well. Hopefully their food and service improves. Isn't 6 months the make or break of a newly opened restaurant?


Yikes. If they want to capture the weekday lunch crowd they need speed things up!


The NMR desert that is San Diego... I miss Shanghai city.




Sadly, some things don't change.


Insert poo emoji here.


Hi Faye - I think they are more popular with younger folks.

I agree Junichi. I'm not sure what the problem is.

Yes it is Derek...and yes I do too!

Kind of sad Kat!

That's true LL.....have you checked them out?

Lol CC!

Soo @ hungryones

I admire your perseverance taking it for the team to post this very comprehensive review. The long line and oversalted wings would have dissuaded me.




Kirk - We've been there multiple times since they opened. Most recent visit was in January and that was the most confusing/frustrating visit. We, too, stopped by as they were opening on a Saturday. Same experience as yours, lots of confusion with the front of the house staff and one of our XLB orders went to the wrong table. The meal just took forever and experience was frustrating in general. Our of town guests were satisfied with the food and didn't mind the service so we were glad we went. Next time we go, I'll try not to have any expectations. Makes for a less frustrating experience. :)


Well, I really wanted to see if this was consistent behavior Soo.....also, if the food was really as good as some folks were saying.

Totally Jan!

Good to know it's not just my bad luck LL! Kind of sad overall.


DTF at UTC to the rescue!


Looking forward to DTF at UTC!


They're opening a DTF at UTC?! Woot! When is it suppose to open?


Lol RD....think of the lines!

I think everyone is waiting for that LL!

Hi Derek - Sometime this fall, according to Eater:


never had anything here other than 3 of there 5 types of "freakshakes" and omg is all i can say! super good! very unique in design and flavor. never seen anything quite like it. very anxious to try their vast array of dim sum as that always looks stellar!


Hi Joshua - I'm not a big fan of the food here....and of course, I don't have much of a sweet tooth. Hope you fare better than I did.

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