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Thursday, 11 May 2017



Hopefully the lines have died down at the National City DD...I may just have to make a trip to try that pretzel croissant sandwich. I went to the DD downtown a few years ago when it first opened and I was not a fan of their donut texture (too soft). The croissant donut you had looks good though (very flaky).


I think it's about the time of day, cc-We've missed the crowds for the most part, but there are times when I just keep on driving or don't get out of the car. I agree about the regular donuts; The Mister only ever wants a bavarian cream and a jelly; nothing else. The croissant donut was really good, fresh, unique and without the hipster price, as was the pretzel croissant sandwich.


You know I lived on the east coast for 3 years and I never figured out the love for Dunkin Donuts coffee. If Starbucks coffee is always burnt, I felt like DD coffee was always very weak and watery. Maybe I'm just weird but the only advantage over Starbucks was price.

Ditto with the Donuts, never liked them. Maybe I should get my East Coast Card pulled?


I do agree the watery taste was all I knew of that Dunkin' coffee, but a choice of original blend or dark roast is available for both the hot and iced coffees now-it turns out that a fresh pot was brewed when I was there the first time and it was really good. As far as the donuts go, none that I've tried has been that good; I'm spoiled by our local places. You are still allowed to be an East Coaster, especially if you have a bit of an accent that shows up intermittently, Seth.

Soo @ hungryones

I tried some donuts around dinner time. They tasted like they had been sitting around all day. :-( I like the looks of the bacon you ordered though.

Pam from Santee

Having lived about 30 years in a town where directions are sometimes given based on where the Dunkins are, I am bemused to see you post a review of DD. Are they new to California?

I will admit to indulging in the occasion donut on the way home via the T. But they don't measure up to my memory of the raised glazed I used to get at a Winchell's in Pasadena. And I don't get coffee there except as a desperate last resort. Thank goodness they can pour a drinkable French roast!


Oh that's bad, Soo. Really bad. The sandwiches are great and available all day.

Dunkin' left California in 2002 and returned with 100 stores in 2015, Pam. There are six San Diego locations ( the two I mentioned and one inside the Embassy Suites downtown as well as three military base locations ( Naval Hospital, Miramar MCAS and Camp Pendleton)). I know I didn't like the coffee before at all, but dark roast, no sweetener and fresh brewed was good. Oh, the T...such a good memory.


I lived in RI for 4 years, and one thing i noticed was the dearth of mom and pop donut places. All because of DD. I think both their donuts and coffee are horrible and don't understand the new england love of DD.

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