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Thursday, 25 May 2017



If you're not already aware, K sandwiches is finally rebuilding. Check out their FB page.


Oh, I've been keeping track on the progress of the reconstruction, RD. For so long I wouldn't even try to find a replacement of any of my favorite K Sandwiches snacks and meals. Tiptoeing toward and sadly walking away from so many banh mi sandwiches has been disheartening; I've tried to not get my hopes up for K to be the same as it had been.


Cali Baguette is my go-to place for banh mi because I like their bread. I don't usually get anything else except the egg rolls (they sell both the smooth wrappers and the rice paper wrappers). You're not kidding about that storefront; Mama Testa was always empty and my theory was that they couldn't compete with less expensive taco shops nearby.


Aww, Hello Kitty. :)

I like the blistered skin on the fried rolls. We have a Cali Baguette on the west side of's our go to place for banh mi and Vietnamese food. Their pate chaud also has sparse meat but I like the flaky layers.


Yes, the bread here is great, Sandy-the high point, actually. The egg rolls are good and just enough when a snack is necessary (I do like both types of wrappers and fillings). Mama Testa had some problems; there are a few reasons I didn't write a post.

Cali Baguette is a good place to stop and I like that there are many locations, cc. I'm slowly learning my favorite and not so favorite's not K Sandwiches.

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