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Wednesday, 26 April 2017



Cool thanks, didn't realize they opened this secondary store.

Soo @ hungryones

Good looking fried fish!


Can't get any fresher than this.


Can't wait to try both Tip Top and this place.


Great, another good reason to drive up from Mission Valley to Carlsbad. Wonder if I could fit it and tip top in one day :)

Ed (from Yuma)

You go to places I've never seen. Sometimes never been close to. Nice find.


OMG! Thanks for posting this. I will be going for sure!


It's a great place, Jason.
They do know how to fry, Soo. I know you'll like it.
So very fresh, Bill. Another good choice around here.
You need to get up there, cc. It is a 45 minute drive with no traffic, so plan ahead! The grocery at Tip Top, maybe get a sandwich to go and then seafood. One stop shopping!
Sure you can, Seth- Go to Tip Top for breakfast, then a bit North on Paseo Del Norte to the Outlet Mall, or over the freeway to the ocean, then come back to Top Choice for lunch.
Tip Top has been a part of our 'rotation' over the years, Ed. A meat store, German grocery, nice restaurant with wonderful comfort food. The addition of Top Choice makes it more interesting to stop here.
You'll like it, TFD.
Sorry for the late answers; there must've been a glitch.

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