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Thursday, 06 April 2017



What, no more blueberry fritter? Sadness. I liked that they had two sizes; I usually got the smaller one so I wouldn't feel as guilty.


Oh, interesting post! I always drive by this place but never went in! I love all old fashioned donuts. I might stop by.


Lovem simple breakfast the way mom used to makem.


I know, right, cc? The blueberry was the smaller one and so very good. Blueberry choices seem to be at every donut place...but the fritter!

Its so good here, TFD- and open 24/7, so no excuse not to stop. Rose is now the easy breakfast before the airport place we take friends ever since K Sandwiches burned.

I agree with you, Bill. The simplicity of toast or even a fancy croissant with egg and cheese and maybe meat is just enough and always good.

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