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Saturday, 04 March 2017


Mani Vidar

Dude! Excellent Saturday Patrol!! The early bird catches the worm! Great work.


I noticed all of these in just the past week. Sad about so much that is gone. Hopefully the new places will be good.

Mani Vidar

Hi Cathy:

Actually it is not sad. It is free market survival of the fittest. IMO the standard is so high in the Kearny Mesa/Clairemont area that if you can't deliver the goods, you fail. As it should be.


I've had a few great meals at Okan and then some good and some not so good at Oton. It'll be interesting to see what style/theme they do with this new one.

Also - do you have any idea if there's any seafood in the stock at Private Kitchens? I asked and they said no but it had a slight "seafoodie" smell initially and the next day the that smell/flavor was even more pronounced.


Hey MV - Actually not patrolling much....sort of via commute.

Hi Cathy - Van Hoa was there for over a decade....and now the location seems like a revolving door.

Hi Derek - I always thought Oton was on the inconsistent side; though I haven't been to in a while....hmmm....I need to follow-up on that. As for Private Kitchens, I never had a seafood smell in my hot pot broth.....that sounds kinda iffy.

Mani Vidar

Hey Professor K:

Maybe we can join forces and do a patrol together soon. 4 eyes are better than two!

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