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Saturday, 25 March 2017



Not sure when you came here but I came to MUR 2 weeks ago and I don't think I'll come back for awhile. Came at 11 and there was a line just like in your picture. Waited for a long time with 2 wiggly kids. Noodles were good but the soup was so fatty-I felt like I was going to throw up. Took me the whole day to detox the fat out of my system. Chicken dish was good though. They're very attentive.

Pho T-cilantro shortage? bwahahaha. That's like Sab-E-Lee(next to Thuan Phat) with that chili pepper shortage. Mr. C was shocked. LOL


bummer about that pho place :(


Well TFD - This is typical tonkotsu perhaps you'd better stay away.

At least they're consistent Kat!


Tried to go to Menya on a Saturday night (I know, what was I thinking!), but the wait was too long. I haven't been to Pho T Cali in years, and doubt that I'll go anytime soon :-) I did see a sign somewhere about the rising prices of cilantro, but still.

FYI - Cali Baguette in Mira Mesa looks like it's expanding. Mama Testa is gone, and there are signs for Cali Baguette at this location. I'm not surprised that Mama Testa is gone; it was always empty when I was there, and there are two, less expensive taco shops nearby.


“I was the only Asian in the place”

Abort! Abort!

Man, Pho T Cali was the first place I ever had pho, about a decade ago. Pretty sure the large dac biet was in the $6 range back then.


I've had surprisingly good and horrible pho at Pho T Cali though $10 for a dac biet is ridiculous.

I haven't been back to Menya since my first two visits (where I walked in and got a spot at the bar without waiting). Drove by there once last week but the line kept me driving. Hopefully things will mellow out in a couple/few weeks.


When the heck did pho get so $$?


I started a post about Pho T Cali and deleted it because it was going to not be positive. At all. The redesign is nice, but that's it.


Sad about Mama Testa Sandy. They just couldn't get any "traction".....good luck with Ultra on a Saturday...sheesh. I hope you get a chance to check them out though!

Lol Sage! That should have been a big warning sign, yeah?

I hope things kind of settle down with Menya Derek. Who's have thounk... $10 pho at T Cali!

Over the last couple of years Billy......crazy $10 pho..... If I'd mentioned that a couple of years back, folks would have laughed.

Hi Cathy - Yeah, that was a pretty bad bowl......and at $10....sheesh.


Wow, that's a lot of chashu! Lines have been very long when driving by but will try it eventually.

Sad to see Mama Testa gone in MM. In better news, Tasty Pot and Little sheep are now both open in MM. Little sheep tasted the same as the KM location with less of a wait.


Good to know RD.....yes, that line is crazy right now.

Mani Vidar

Officer Kirk!

Ultra Ramen is next on my list. Nice post, and you were not even star struck this time!


Wow, the ramen still sounds as good as our initial visit a few weeks ago. The only thing we did not enjoy was that the entire restaurant reeked of hookah smoke from the adjacent lounge. It felt as if we were still in an izakaya in Japan; smelling the part afterwards. Was that still an issue during your latest visits?


Pho T Cali. The first place I had pho years ago. But I won't be going there for sure. Had Pho Hoa in City Heights the other day. Still solid. Menya Ultra lines have kept me away since my initial visit.

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