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Saturday, 18 March 2017



Talk about a perfect bowl of ramen. Speaking of lines at DTF, I bet there will be some crazy ones when the one at UTC opens this fall. We're looking forward to comparing it to the ones we've had in HK, Shanghai, and Arcadia.


have yet to try din tai fung...sounds good!


The temple and bamboo forest look awesome! You pick the coolest places to visit!


You should see the lines at DTF in South Coast Plaza can only imagine what it'll be like when DTF opens at UTC.

Check them out Kat!

We're trying to slowly check off places on the Missus's list Soo.


All the DTF locations in Japan are inside Takashimaya stores. I went to the one in Tachikawa last time I was in Japan. No lines there either!


Good info Junichi. The XLB was pretty good.


That looks really good! Now we're craving the Uni and crab roe XLB from DTF over there. Thanks for sharing.


Now you got me craving that too LL!

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