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Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Ed (from Yuma)

Looks wonderful. Tina and I will love it!


Oh man... that truffle risotto looks amazing. So much bad risotto in San Diego. I hope they'll continue to have it on special. Too bad about the tartar, I'm always looking for a solid version locally. And I know where I will be cruising over this weekend for sure.


So glad you that you and the Missus are enjoying the place!


what a great couple of meals!


I enjoyed brunch there with Kirbie last year and more recently, with a group of gal pals. That mushroom ravioli was amazing as was their cream of asparagus soup. The service was great; my friends and I enjoyed the laid back ambiance and attention to detail. I need to go back with Bert during Happy Hour (that celery gimlet sounds intriguing)!


thank you for posting about Et Voila. I pass by it all the time and wonder if it's good =) now that we know it is Missus approved, i guess we will just have to try it :)




We loved the cheese/charcuterie board and the "magret de canard" - what a treat!


I'm sure the both of you would Ed!

Hi Derek - That risotto was only a limited special menu they had for a week or two. Sorry to say it's not on the regular menu. Give them a shot though.

Thanks as always for the recommendations Candice!

It was Kat!

I think you'll have a great time CC!

Give it a try Lynnea.

Double wow, Billy!

This is a nice low keyed, date night kind of place James.

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

Et Voila sure sounds good from this review! It's nice to go back to something you know you'll love. I've only had foie gras a handful of times and still not too sure what to expect. I'd love to give that terrine a try though!


There are items that we really enjoy here Lynn. Though not everything is to our taste.


Had a great meal here over the weekend with my girlfriend. They didn't have the black truffle risotto but did have a mushroom risotto on the vegetarian menu that was out of this world. Only thing we were disappointed with was the pork belly which for some reason was drenched in some overwhelmingly sweet glazed. Will definitely be going back though.


Hi Derek - I'll need to try out that risotto. I think this is one of the very few places that does it well! I'm most of your meal was here was good.

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