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Wednesday, 08 February 2017



sounds good with the bones.


Love cooking pho with beef ribs and oxtails. I think the best combo of richness and beefness is oxtails, beef shank, and bones with marrow in it. YUM!


It was Kat!

Hi Billy - I wish more places would do this; though I think it it's somewhat cost prohibitive for oxtails.


Ha. First think that came to mind with the title was Alice In Chains too. Might have to try them bones with a bowl of naked pho.


I know just popped into my head.


I agree with you. When I cook for my buddies, they call my pho high class. LOL,love my broth rich and beefy.


Kirk – did this exact combination because of this post, and wow those ribs are delicious. Agreed that the pho is too salty, but I’m a little under the weather so was craving clear soup (I’m normally a bo kho kind of person). Think I’ll be getting those ribs every time I go from now.


Glad you enjoyed it Sage! Thanks for letting me know what you thought. Now I think I'll be getting that again soon.....

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