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Monday, 06 February 2017





Well, at least you were seated. We were told 'next time, please' when we walked in. Yes, we would've ordered egg foo young, wondering what the 'Hunan' part of it was...


Well, at least all these new Chinese places are keeping you busy. Looking forward to Mr. Holy Gao review if one's coming. Also see that Fuan Garden has again changed their name (think that's number 3). Thanks again for the review!


Oh gosh I didn't know the previous restaurant closed down. The last visit there was pretty bad (I had an online coupon so maybe that's a sign of a restaurant's downfall). I chuckled at their signage Beauty Hunan Rest. Sounds like a spa. Did you ever post about Facing East?


Except for that one dish Kat.

The folks working here are pretty nice Cathy....give thme another shot.

Yep, need to "get to the Gao" RD! And yes, Fu An is now Hui An:

I need to get that post done finally Faye. Been to FE four times already.


Sorry missed your previous post. And someone even asked about the Gao in the comments!


The choice of restaurant name is indeed puzzling. At least they do 1 dish well!


Hi RD - Yeah I "get to Gso"!

Hi Junichi - The Missus says it's a play on words. The name of the place in Chinese is Qiào xiāoxiāng 俏瀟湘. Qiao can mean good looking and Xiaoxiang is one of the names of the Xiang River in Hunan.

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