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Monday, 27 February 2017



Sounds like In and Out of ramen and I sure love me some tendon and cartilage please. Surprisingly there is no POS on the table to make it even more efficient.

Ed (from Yuma)

In some ways, that's a fair comparison billy, except that the menu here has more options. Even with no POS, they were on top of the room, making sure customers were happy and well served.


Great review. Thanks!


I've been to Ajisen a couple of times and have been satisfied with the meals. I agree the soup was not as rich as places like Santouko, but still satisfying. They have lunch specials which is nice, dollar off certain bowls of ramen and you can add small appetizer portions for a buck or two.

Ed (from Yuma)

Thanks, RD, for the kind comment.

I basically agree Jason. Honestly, I was expecting to be disappointed.


I thought ajisen was Japanese not Chinese?

Ed (from Yuma)

The food is Japanese; the corporate ownership is Chinese, Diane. Globalization.

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