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Thursday, 05 January 2017





Those nutz are pretty good. Kirbie gifted me a bag a few years ago since she liked the bag you gave her. I've since bought more bags for ourselves and as food gifts.


Glad you found this amusing Kat!

These, ummmm, "nutz" are really a great snack CC!


Hahah I also recently discovered "deez nuts" :P They're pretty addictive hehe. Interesting ways of incorporating them into cooking! Usually I finish the bag before I can think of anything further to do with them...


Lol Jinxi....they are addicting!


The gf and I did hotpot over the weekend and saw these at Ranch 99. Picked up a couple bags to munch on during prep + had the idea of mashing them up with a little soy/rice vinegar/sesame oil to do a numbing peanut sauce for dipping. Fortunately/unfortunately they didn't last that long with my gf and I devouring the bags with cold beer well before it was hot pot time. Lol - good thing there's always next time!


It really is good with beer Derek!

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