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Friday, 27 January 2017



I remember going here a few years ago. This was during the "cronut" trend and they had their own version. TC liked their big seat shaped like a hand.


Cool donut shop! What do you think of the donuts compared to Mary's?


I've had mixed experiences there. The plain glazed donuts were perfect. The apple fritters were dry. The chocolate glazed and frosted nut donuts tasted good for the first few bites but were a definite sugar overload halfway through one donut. (Even Krispy Kreme donuts didn't make me feel so oversweetened.) Plus, and this is admittedly a personal thing that others might not mind, I don't like having to ask for a receipt in order to get one. Every time I went there, the cashier never provided a receipt with the change. That was last year; hopefully they've revised that policy.


There was only one of those chairs left in the seating area, cc. The cronut thing was OK; I think we purchased two total...plain, simple, original, basic types of food are comforting.
Well, Soo...I think depends on where you are/which is closer at the time. Definitely Mary's for crullers, though.
Oh that's not good, Jessica. I don't think we've ever ordered an apple fritter here and do admit to not eating any whole donut at one sitting. The receipt thing is odd; maybe its that people have tossed them and littered...but you should be asked if you want one (I thought it was a law; need to research).

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