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Wednesday, 07 December 2016



I haven't been to Tip Top in years, so it's time for a visit soon (but not on a holiday). Years ago, we decided to have dinner there only to find the line out the door; it was St. Patrick's Day.

Soo @ hungryones

Great looking breakfast! So if you get bacon are you done or can you additional meat of a different variety?


We figured out that Tip Top was open at 6 on Thanksgiving and served breakfast and lunch until 1:30 when the turkey (or prime rib) dinner for $12.95 started, Sandy. Next holiday, we will go in for a breakfast/lunch overlap and leave before the crowds. So many choices and no need to do a 'traditional' meal.

All the breakfast choices are good here, Soo. You can only order bacon one time so they tell you to do that first-as one of your initial two meat choices; they don't want people coming up asking for a 'refill' of bacon. It's a thicker, smoked here, quite meaty bacon, which I liked in a BLT ordered here a few years ago, but the other meat choices make for a great breakfast also. I've seen people return for refills up to five times(that means seven meat servings!), but just can't eat that much (especially after the eggs and potatoes and toast).


I have been wanting to come here forever - esp for their breakfast. Thanks for the heads up on the bacon - that would have been amazing AYCE option to try out. I heard it gets packed for breakfast - did you ever feel rushed to eat and leave?


You can still get one order of bacon, Faye (it's four or five slices of a very meaty, thick, homemade-smoked in house- bacon; not that thin, crispy flavorless stuff usually seen for breakfast) and really, since Tip Top is a meat store, it's great to be able to try a good selection (of all you want ham, breakfast sausage, kielbasa and bratwurst) along with three eggs, all those potatoes and toast for $7.98. We try to go everywhere early and since Tip Top opens at 6 a.m., have never a problem with seating. My receipt shows we paid at 8:19 a.m. last Saturday and there wasn't a long line waiting to order and pay then find a seat when we left (which had to be after 9 a.m.).


What a great variety of meats and for a fair price too. Well,winter break is coming up for me,so I can head there in the early morning hours so I can beat the crowds. It also helps being anti social.


It might be a german place but that picture of your continental breakfast was so 'murica that it should've come with an eagle and fireworks. :)

Since discovering this place thanks to you, i try to make it to tip top at least 1x/month to indulge my carnivore side (and do some grocery shopping).


I think you'll like it here, cc. Some of the foods or sides may be a bit different for you but not crazy weird; interesting and tasty to try and then explore the store shelves after. We like early too, it seems calmer.

Liverwurst, Loren, liverwurst...and Black Forest ham..and those fresh, soft insided, crispy crusted rolls: not that much 'murica as toast and eggs and a fruit cup is. I'm so glad you know about Tip Top and can enjoy it.

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