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Tuesday, 06 December 2016



at least you got your noodle soup fix taken care of:)


Glad you got your soup on. I have a love hate relationship with bun bo hue. I hate fighting it and hate it more when it fights back on my Chan white shirt.


I sure did Kat.

I always make sure to wear dark colors when getting BBH Billy! ;o)


Ooh. I think I know where to take the Family on Friday night. :)


The people at Mien Trung are nice. I like their Mi Qiang soup.


When it's cold a mediocre bowl still is comforting.

Marc Charon

I can't help but feel that the quality and authenticity of Asian food in general and Vietnamese food in particular are, overall, continually spiraling down in San Diego.


Great Jan!

They are very nice.

It's got to be pretty cold Junichi!

There's a kernel of truth to that statement Marc. Though, I prefer "traditional" over "authentic" my mind cuisine in ever evolving.

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