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Tuesday, 27 December 2016





Oh gosh "the worst pho in the area" might be a great end of the year post :( I haven't tried any of the fast food places inside the new 99. Wondering if you've done a 'best fast food inside a market' post? Happy holidays to you and missus BTW!


Maybe it's a place you go to if you're completely famished after shopping, not a place to go on it's own.


They are proud of their A. ;-)


Pretty mediocre except for the Mi CC!

Not sure I want to subject myself to trying all the pho places in the area again Faye....maybe next year! ;o)

That's setting the bar pretty low Jason!

Lol Billy!

I'll have to try the dumpling egg noodle soup when I tire of Sam Woo's won ton soup.


Which would mean next time Soo? ;o)

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