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Sunday, 04 December 2016





I keep forgetting Zarlitos even though we stop just down the street (at Big Ben). There will be more of an effort made, soon.


Wow, what a combo. Right up there with the ultimate combo Zippys fried chicken chili plate. Too bad the pata was a disappointment.


Have you ever tried Kawamata in Dana point? Not real convenient but if you travel to OC/LA frequently, I think their poke is pretty good. Have been wanting to try Zarlito's and hopefully will do one of these days.


Actually the poke was legit Kat...the pata though.....

It really fits the bill of Filipino Diner Cathy!

I know; that's a (awesomely) crazy combo Kyle.

Thanks for the rec RD! I do have Kawamata Seafood on my list....I'm just hardly in the area.

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