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Saturday, 31 December 2016


Happy New Year!


Angel Flight pants! Time to head to Kramer's, then stop at San Francisco Rag Shop for some Generra shirts! Happy new year!


Happy New Year Kirk!

and don't forget the platform shoes too!


Happy New Year, Kirk! I remember those songs oh-too-well.


Happy New Year Soo!

That's it exactly James.....

Egad, those shoes CC...

Lol Sandy.....Happy New Year!


Thanks much for the blog! Happy new year!


Thanks for reading and comments RD! hope you have a great New Year!


That meal looks great Kirk! I also was at Nijiya on Friday and enjoyed looking at all that was offered. Happy new year to you and the Missus!

Alan Hays

Sweet Holy Jesus....LOL those musical vids....MTV was created to make that stop, although I begrudingly admit to growing up with and still liking the tunes. Happy New Year to you and the fam Kirk! (furry and non-furry)


Happy New Year! That's funny, I just met the chef from High Dive at Catalina Offshore. Need to go try that place!


Hope you have a great 2017 Jack.

Not necessarily a big fan of the food at the High Dive, though its gotten better; but really like the vibe Jason. Go check them out though! Hope you have a great year!

Hey Alan - It's history. You can't escape it....though some of what I (we) wore.....good lord! Happy New Year!

Ed (from Yuma)

Happy New Year. Looks like a nice meal too.


Happy New Year to you and your family, Kirk. Thanks for another year of great writing and pictures!


Happy New Year! =)


And in our 'hood Ed! Happy New Year to the both of you as well.

Hey alnc - Thanks for reading and commenting! Hope you have a great year ahead!

Hi Lynnea - So nice to hear from you. Hope you and Matthew are doing well. Best wishes for the year to you both. And we do miss your posts!


looking forward to your adventures in 2017!


Thanks Kat! Hope you have a great year too!

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

happy new year! i heard something about a new chef at red card café so wondering if it is a different person from last year's SDRW.

anyway, I have all these pesky resolution things, like posting more and keeping up with blog reading (or at least better than last year). looking forward to finding wonderful new spots through yours! :)


Hi Lynn - I believe the Sous Chef Alfonso has been promoted to Executive Chef - so the food, be it good or not is basically the same. Best wishes for the year to you!

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