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Tuesday, 20 December 2016



More regional Chinese and even a pretty positive review by you. Exciting times in SD.



Ed (from Yuma)

Sounds promising.


Funny thing was I was watching the Food Ranger on Youtube, eating this stuff. Wish I had some.


Hi RD - Yes, this place has some promise.

It was pretty good Kat.

Hi Ed - I'm looking forward to seeing what else they come up with.

This was pretty good Billy!


This sounds so good right now with all the rainy weather we've been experiencing. I've never eaten this style, very curious to check it out!


It really does hit the spot with the weather we've been having Kirbie. This style of eating is great when you have 3 or more people.


Went here earlier in the week after reading your post. I ate this type of hotpot when I lived in China and it totally brought me back. The meats weren't all that great but the broth + tofu/veggies were excellent. Looking forward to going back.


Hey Derek - We've started just getting the broth to make our own hot pot at home.

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