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Friday, 25 November 2016



often in crowded eateries, there is sharing of booths/tables. this is called si-seki:) the wait staff usually asks/tells before seating the other party, but maybe they didn't tell you because they knew you are foreigners:)

Your Tokyo adventure looks fun!


Yeah, like at Tanyaki Shinobu where they let us know...but this time, the two guys just came and sat next to us in the booth Kat. Was kind of strange and funny at the same time.

We love Japan Soo.

Ed (from Yuma)

Nice post. Thanks for sharing.


Nice post. I like the efficiency... those salarymen were hungry and you had space at your table.


The simple things in life.


So true Billy!


So funny. Connor would have stuck his foot out so they can't sit there.


Then he might have ended up eating on a Salaryman's lap TFD! ;o)


Nice. I went to the same tasting room last year. I think they're opening one in SF.


Hi Junichi - I think it's a Izakaya they are I went a did a search:

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