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Saturday, 05 November 2016


I never tried that place. How was the tempura? How was the mongolian bbq?


We went there last year with family (mom's bday). We got there right when they opened, then it got busy really quick. I liked the variety of the selections and the tiny desserts.


The tempura was made right there in front of me, Soo. Fresh, light, crispy; I know you'd like it. Never saw Mongolian BBQ area-maybe that's at dinner time or weekends...

It was busy at the start of lunch when we were there, cc (there was a Navy 'Hail and Farewell' party that day, in the glassed in side room), but it calmed down when the first wave of people were finished eating. I like the variety, too...more 'healthy' selections available.

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

your job is cool hehe. dennis is curious about this place but we just haven't been to the mall in ages! it's interesting that there's a "Ramen and Udon Bar" though I wouldn't expect it to beat authentic ramen bars. I'd rather go here than a hometown buffet anytime.


I understand about not having been to a mall, Lynn. It sort of made me feel old, remembering where something had been located and what had been purchased there; online is so much easier and less crowded. The weekday lunch prices are good and the food is a bit of a higher quality. This was a good find.

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