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Monday, 14 November 2016



tons of food! worth the price:)




It's not a surprise that there'should a Somali restaurant in Minneapolis... there are a lot of Somalis here.

Black Belt Jonez

Hi Kirk!

Next time you're there try the special coffee that they make with the outer shell of the coffee bean. It's delicious.

Soo @ hungryones

Wow! I'll share a meal when I go.


It was a lot of food Kat!

Double Dang Billy!

Hi D - Yes Minnesota is #1 and San Diego #2 if I recall....but two related restaurants so far apart was interesting.

Thanks for the tip BBJ!

Order a couple of things and have enough for a couple of meals Soo!


My barber retired and I've been finding it very difficult to get a decent haircut, too. I live near you(I think) and it seems impossible to find people who know how to cut hair, it's just a gaggle of cheapo shops providing bad haircuts. Congrats on finding your guy and a decent meal.


I totally understand alnc.....I've had my share of bad haircuts; so when I find someone I like I tend to stick with them.

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