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Tuesday, 11 October 2016



Few months ago I had the worst com tam, the plate you have is more presentable than the $h!t I was served. I don't think I can this place a 4th chance even if it was given away for free.


I recently tried the Bun Bo Hue at Cow Cali for the first time. The broth was OK (bland), but the pork hock was really good. The Vietnamese baloney was missing though...




That's sounds terrible Billy.

Typical pho shop BBH Jan.

Yes, a bit disappointing Kat.

Soo @ hungryones

That's sad the rice was dry and hard. I made some rice yesterday in the rice cooker. It was soft but not sticky like sticky rice. Hard to imagine screwing it up as you just add water and rice to the cooker and press the button...


We'd been to Van Hoa twice shortly before it changed over. The older man working there was so very nice to us.

Boo to the cut up noodles.


You'd be surprised how hard it can be to make perfect rice Soo.

The folks at Van Hoa were very nice CC. Too bad they decided to move on.

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