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Monday, 31 October 2016



"Bulaklak" One of the eight or so Tagalog vocabulary word. It means "flower" if I remember correctly, so that would make sense for "ruffle-fat"...
Wow, the inside is reminiscent of the now closed Christine's Bakery in Mira Mesa.


Yes, janfrederick, I was told that 'bulaklak' means flower the first time I encountered the food I grew up knowing as 'chitlins', which I like because of the thin crispiness. Yes, it is very much like Cristy's Bakery, which is missed.


What a great and informative post Cathy. A lot of what you've described and shown is what I consider comfort food, especially pinakbet, which I like with seasoned with bagoong, rather than patis. Although I don't make it all too often because Bert and TC don't like bittermelon, it's still one of my favorite dishes.

As for that Bon Apetit version of halo halo, WTH man, ha ha. There is a dessert place called Halo Halo in east CV that serves variations on a theme of halo halo - most of the ingredients are pretty traditional. However, some of the ingredients that are "different" are crushed oreos, candies, and multicolored cereal (which seems to be a big trend that I'm not fond of). The customer can customize the flavor of ice cream (they have both traditional and run of the mill flavors). I like that they give customers options for their halo halo cups and flavors.


Thanks, cc-I try to inform and not just describe what flavors are tasted. Once I(finally) tasted bittermelon prepared the Filipino way, it became a new craving for me: a bit different and good flavor and texture. Yes, that Americanized version of halo-halo is so wrong, Froot Loops flavors (and colors) were only briefly in my food spectrum during childhood.


Shrimp paste sauce FTW.


I should just do a condiments post, Bill. So many choices!

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

I went here about two months ago and had no idea what I was eating though! just some pointing at stuff haha but interesting to try. we got to meet the owners of snoice afterwards and try the halo halo. the dessert is not to my taste but still a neat experience.


I worked with a lot of Filipinos in Detroit, Lynn, so knew a bit about the food (although it was always lumpia and pancit for holidays or group sharing) and the flavor combinations have always hit a good spot for me. I didn't post, but there are some small pastries in the glass display just behind the cash register which know, more of a pastry dessert. Some of the cold desserts can be very sweet, but the plain halo-halo is made with condensed (not sweetened condensed) milk and refreshing on hot days.

Sajith Herath

This is great. I was looking for this long time. In asia the kababayan bread is very popular.

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