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Saturday, 22 October 2016



A side of coronary delight, 😋


All right. Finally I have to ask. How exactly do you eat chicken and waffles? I tried looking this up and found everything from "You can use a fork if you want" to "Don't you dare use a fork" to "Form a sandwich with the waffle," which seems rather difficult if you have bone-in pieces. So when a plate of that fried goodness is in front of you, what do you do?

Mmm... I gotta check the facebook specials more often. So bummed I missed the bacon wrapped Twinkie.


The specials price for the chicken in a pineapple is a steal! It was more than twice that for the SD Fair. I'm interested in trying those lobster slipper tails too. Great post on the deals here.


We know our consumption of fried foods has decreased over the years, Bill, but on those days when we are craving, seem to be satisfied much easier. For the most part, we share a special and a salad. Also this post is showing many months worth of visits...

Good question, Jessica. We are both adept at cutting whole chickens and not eating with our hands, so we clean the chicken off the bones then its a fork with a piece of chicken, piece of waffle and dip that in bit of syrup- all flavors in one bite. I've seen others cover their piece of chicken in syrup and hold onto it while eating it whole and then eating the waffle separately and only one time, saw a person make the half sandwich with the waffle...I don't think there are rules.

Check that Facebook page for today, Soo -it's the two year anniversary!!!- and the chicken baked into a waffle (easy eating!) topped with sausage gravy and bacon is $5 and a free fried Twinkie with any purchase-no bacon though.

Same price for naked shrimp in a pineapple, too, cc. Even the regular prices are a bit less than at the Fair, and you can eat while having a nice seating area. The Mister kept hoping the slipper tails would go on special but they never were; still a good regular price. We just happened to look at the Facebook page one day and saw these 'daily specials', which I don't think were running as much during the Fair.

Soo @ hungryones

Thanks for the heads up! I gonna get a free strawberry twinkie! :-)


Thanks, Cathy!


I wasn't judging you but teasing you. If it was me I would have finished all that in a single day. ;-)


I hope you enjoyed it, Soo!

Anytime, Jessica. I did understand why you asked when I thought about the first time a plate of chicken and waffles was placed in front of me...things most don't think about beforehand...

Oh, I didn't think you were judging, Bill. There are more than ten years of my food consumption habits outlined on this blog and things have changed-writing style, photography and food cravings. It's kind of interesting in an anthropologic sense.

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