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Wednesday, 07 September 2016


J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Timbits! When I went to high school in Toronto I'd always have 16 cents counted out somewhere in my wallet so I could get a chocolate timbits lest we walk by a Tim Hortons :)


We have a Culver in SATX. I should try more than just the custard.


We enjoyed having Tim Bits when we were in Canada because they had so many flavors. Tim Hortons is everywhere! Here, there aren't that many flavors of donut holes.

I regret not getting a butter burger when we were in Wisconsin. We only did the drive thru at Culvers for their fried cheese curds (which were really good).

I'm glad you were able to rekindle food memories (old and new) during your trip to Michigan. Looking forward to your other trip posts.


I remember driving into Windsor for the 'Canadian coffee' and a plate of ten Timbits to share, J.S.; an exotic, foreign treat. What a great place for you to grow up!
Oh you *must* try a Butter Burger, Bill- and maybe some curds too (grab one first while still hot; you'll hear the 'squeak'). All the food here was really good quality.
There were about ten flavors, cc; the 'birthday cake' was a surprise and basically everything was extremely fresh, probably due to the constant turnover. If I lived here, there would be so many different eating habits...but I did miss San Diego- my first stop when I got back (after that hellish drive to get thru the BlueCut fire) was for a carne aside burrito-there's nothing like it.


I do miss me some real SoCal Mexican cuisine.

Soo @ hungryones

That Culver's burger does look really good! Have you tried the Bob's Big Boy in El Cajon?


I completely understand your cravings, Bill. Those will never subside.
Culver's is a great Midwest chain, Soo. I did post on our east county Big Boy, and was sad when it closed only 3.5 years later.


Nice one Cathy! Very jealous.. :)


I tried to do my best to take photos to document the trip that wasn't a vacation, Dennis. Good I made you jealous! The next segment won't have what you might consider quintessential Detroit, but it was for me.

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