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Sunday, 25 September 2016



nice round-up of cubano


Piggy in s blanky addition.


Wow, it's been nigh 15 years since we've been to Andres.


Thanks Kat!

Lol Billy!

Well, now I don't feel so bad Jan.


Terrific post! Thanks.


Though not an authentic cubano Super Bronco in Linda Vista has a Cuban torta that's quite tasty. A little salty though.


The Cuban at Andres is very hit and miss. I've had it with fresh juicy meat that's overfilled and delicious and more like your picture where it's dry and on the sparse side. As a result - I tend to also go to Embargo or Havanna when the cubano bug bites.


Went to Embargo Grill today after reading this. Good stuff, though I opted for no pickles.

Not a traditional Cubano but Big Front Door has a "Cali Cubano" that I really like: house cured & smoked pork loin, jack, pickle, red onion, avo, mustard & jalepeño aioli.


Hope you get to check them out RD!

Hey Junichi - Yes, most places that serve tortas have a version of the Cubano; even Best donuts...

Hi Derek - On this day, it was kind of a miss. Like the mojo though.

Hi Derric - I did see the Cali Cubano on BFD's menu. Gladd you enjoyed the medianoche from Embargo Grill


Honestly even though I've tried all those places, none are very authentic or particularly great at Cuban food. It just seems to be one of the few kinds of food you can't get in San Diego.

If I want a real Cubano I wait til my time takes me north and I visit Portos In burbank. Have a sandwich there and nothing in San Diego will ever come close.


Hi Loren - I really didn't expect...and I kind of hate the word because cuisine is always evolving, "authenticity". I just wanted to see if things were prepared well and kept within the spirit of the Cubano. Funny story, an acquaintance originally from So Fla went to Havana and said they had the worst Cubanos he's ever had. I had to explain, that like how Hanoi was with Pho, Cuba often does not have access to the same level of ingredients.

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

gotta share this with Dennis since he hasn't tried any of those places. right now, his favorite is the cuban from MishMash. i'm only 75% complete on that writeup *sigh*

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