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Saturday, 17 September 2016



I wonder why these restaurants close so quickly after opening? Just today, I was talking to a friend whose husband likes Yum Cha Cafe. I'll have to let her know ...


Bummer about Char House - I really liked their skewers. :(


You got me Sandy...though from what I heard, the folks from Char House got a great offer to leave.

Hi CC - I think the folks from Char House are in the process of opening a couple of places elsewhere.

Soo @ hungryones

I tried Yum Cha Cafe a few times but decided I'd rather pay more to eat at Hong Kong BBQ.

That's cool the Ranch 99 sign is up! I'm curious as to what will be different from the current one.


They were decent at the beginning, but slowly got worse over time Soo. At one point; I thought the Chinese BBQ there was better than at most place in SD. But of course, that didn't last very long.


I am sad to see Char House close down. We drove by last week or so (to visit Great wow) and all commented that the restaurant looked emmpty (not sure if it had closed by then). It does seem like just yesterday they opened.

Oh I'm excited for the new 99 Ranch location to open. Maybe it'll breathe new life into the market.

And sigh, yum cha cafe - agree with Soo it was better to pay more somewhere else since the food was mediocre at the cafe.


I'm so bummed about Char House. It was one of the only places in the area where you could dine on a Friday or Saturday night and not have to deal with a parking nightmare. Really loved that lime dipping sauce they served with the skewers. Looking forward to hearing about their new ventures.


We had been to Char House a couple of times and liked it; was hoping to go once more and have a post to put up during your next that a new location may be at Liberty Public Market. Hope that 99Ranch has a Sam Woo inside or nearby-although a competing bakery/cafe looks interesting. Our last visit to Yum Cha was late afternoon and quality and quantity of choices were lacking, but we usually went there early morning, when everything was fresh...I attributed that as the reason. Will miss the ability to walk in and grab a quick snack/ light meal.


Hi Faye - Actually, when they first opened Yum Cha was not bad....but they slowly sunk over time.

Hi G - I think they mentioned 2 new places, so we'll see.

Hi Cathy - That'll be an interesting move.


I think the death knell for Yum Cha was when they jacked up prices a while back. No quantity or quality is no bueno.


Totally Junichi......and even with that; the quality went lower....

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