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Tuesday, 13 September 2016



Hah, I just went there for lunch today. Wanted to try the bog standard house special pho just to get a feel for their broth. Mine was strangely different from yours – lots of beef flavor, but OMG by far the most salt I've ever had in a bowl of pho. All of the beef cuts were A+ though. If they had cut the amount of salt in half this would've been one of the better bowls of pho I've personally had.

I've only been there one other time, during I think their first week. Had the house special com tam, and I was really impressed – usually I find com tam dishes in San Diego to be insipid and kinda sad, but this was vibrant with pickled veggies and shrimp paste and the tastiest vietnamese steamed meatloaf I've had in SD. I was properly happy with that dish.


what a deal at $1 a piece!

Som Tommy

I had the bo luc lac which was good


If Ban Mai means something along the lines of "natural morning breeze", I wonder what Duyen Mai means?

I totally forgot saying anything about the Bun Bo Hue here until I reread that post. I don't think I ever went back to try the Bun Bo Hue there. Mien Trung diverted my attention for a spell.


Yay, another place to try Banh Xeo (and I like Pho Ban Mai's version too).


Hey Sage - Sounds like they're still dialing things in.....

It's a very nice deal Kat!

OK ST - I'll give that a try.

I'll find out Jan. The Bun Bo Hue was good for "Pho shop BBH".

Yes, check them out CC!


Saw this when we stopped at Golden City just after returning home from three weeks in the Midwest...The Mister said that you'd probably do a post. It will be a stop next time Vietnamese is the craving.


You might want to try the Banh Xeo Cathy!


What?! A buck a piece for spring rolls?! Imma need 10. That's cheaper than me making them. The kids eat like savages.


Hey TFD - That was the Grand Opening special....better check before scarfing 10! ;o)


my banh xeo was not crisp but we did like the nem nuong and the lotus stem salad.


I gotta get back there CC.....especially since SomTommy told me he likes the Bo Luc Lac.

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