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Wednesday, 03 August 2016



was eating lots of poke & salads...

Black Belt Jonez

That dry sparkling cucumber soda looks good. Where do you guys get it?


Red cooked dishes work well hot or chilled, so I can see why that would work. :)

Those olives look delicious! (sorry, delici-yoso)


I'm guessing you are growing cucumbers. Our cucumber plant went crazy last month and that's all we were eating for a while...not that I mind. What was that last dish? We're eating a lot of veggies and protein. That looks like something we could wrap our forms around.


I'm jealous Kat!

Hey BBJ - They had it on sale at Bristol Farms for a while. Also saw it at Target. Really refreshing and not too sweet.

Hey Hao - Making them is "hot" work tho'

Hi Jan - Ours were going crazy for a really nuts. Now it's time for the second planting of the season. That last dish is basically a bi bim bap with my teri pork as the main. Also have grilled cabbage on that one.


"Making them is "hot" work tho'"
Isn't that what the missus married you for? ;)


Lots of Eggplant dishes! =) light on the tummy in this heat =)


Hi Hao - I think she wanted the "Hot Chef", not a "hot" chef.....if you know what I mean.

Sounds great Lynnea

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