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Wednesday, 17 August 2016



too hot over here, not much growing over here. glad most of your peppers are doing fine.


I'm addicted to the B&O Lemon Balsamic Vinegar (great in salad dressings) - their shop at Liberty Public Market is much more convenient than Del Mar. Farmers Outlet is also one of my favorites - ho da prices!

Soo @ hungryones

Great looking garden! My rosemary is doing really well! Rosemary seems to be the only edible resistant to the bugs in the neighborhood....


We also had a huge crop of cucumbers too. We're getting a few stragglers, but for a while, we were giving a lot away. Sounds like you have a similar problem with expansion. I started out with 3 tomatoes and a zucchini. But every time I made a run for fertilizer, I ended up with a new plant until I had 17 plants to look after. Everything is winding down, but the little yellow tomatoes went bonkers and I ended up canning about 16 pints of the red maters we didn't eat right away. I've made quite a bit of green salsa from the giant tomatillo weed and incredibly productive jalapeno plant. Now I have a ridiculous amount of Thai bird chilies that I'm not sure what to do with...chili water? Fun times.


Hi Kat - Peppers would probably do real well in the heat! ;o)

Hi James - Yeah, I tend to go to the Del Mar Heights location because it kind of makes me get out to an area of San Diego I don't get to very often.

Time for some lamb Soo. Our rosemary...and mint grow in spurts.

Hey Jan - Think of some kind of hot sauce....or drying them and using for cooking. Frozen for later on might work ok as well.

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

Your garden is so cool (I felt the same excitement visiting a friend who also gardens). Maybe this is my calling to start growing something! Although, I'm babysitting a friend's succulents and not doing that great of a job :(


I thought I had a "black thumb" Lynn....but I've been doing ok with certain plants. You should give it a try.


oh, those peppers look hot, even on the computer screen ;D

the cucumbers are gorgeous too! my favorite thing to do with waaay too many cucumbers is to scoop out the seeds and make little "boats" to fill with cold salads, like tuna salad, or chicken salad, or any other type if those are too pedestrian for ya! :D it makes a delicious, low carb dinner(not that I worry about all that!! :))


That sounds great Lynnea.....the peppers are sorta hot; but not too bad.


Love your garden post! We grew tomatoes (yellow pear, cherry, roma, and purple heirloom), eggplant, flat leaf chives and Tuscan kale. Our strawberry plants from last year really started producing a lot more fruit this year too which is nice.


That's quite a bounty CC!

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