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Monday, 15 August 2016



So, "pretty good" wow?


glad these didn't disappoint .


More like "kind of" Wow right now Hao....

Me too Kat!


How exciting! Dumplings in San Diego that it sounds like you liked...will have to get there soon. By the way, any info on Tasty Pot in Mira Mesa? Thanks for all your and OC reviews, much appreciated.


Sorry, thanks for all your SD and OC reviews!


Hi RD - Thanks for reading and taking the time out to comment. I think Great Wow is worth a try. I thought it was pretty good. Sorry that I don't really get out to the OC as much these days as work is keeping me busy. Last I saw they were starting to work on the Tasty Pot location in MM:

So I'll need to take a look when I pass by again.
also, you do know they are also opening on Convoy as well, right?


I'm so excited to check this place out!


Hey Kirbie - These were pretty good. The best I can recall having in San Diego.


Good dumplings in San Diego? It's a miracle. Will check it out this week. Maybe the chairs are uncomfortable so customers don't linger around too long afterwards! Funny how one of the first reviewers on Yelp ate kung pao chicken here.


Gotta love those Yelpers Junichi...they are so informed. The jiaozi were pretty good...still flawed, but the best I've had in San Diego! Hope it's at least as good for you!

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

I'm going Friday! I hope someone in my party knows how to order, else I'm gonna have to pull up your post for recs! ;)


Looks good but it seems to be ok WoW.
My only dumpling wow excitement is Costco if that means much.


Hi Lynn - So far I think only the jiaozi is worthwhile...maybe the pork hock. You're the food should know how to order! jjk.... Have fun

Yes....kind of Wow Billy.....

Ed  (from Yuma)

Looks very interesting!


It's worth a try Ed.....


Thanks for the links...looks like tasty pot is a Bay Area import
Similar to boiling point and all the others but
Hopefully better than QT pot


Time will tell RD! Enjoy!

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

I'm terrible when it comes to ordering Chinese food because I go so rarely... my group ordered most of the dumpling varieties (fave was pork and mushroom) and surprisingly the kung pao chicken dish was also enjoyable. the filling was warm for some dumplings but cold for others. we did not get any kind of dessert soup either. staff seemed to forget about us once we got our last dish...


I guess they're having a good share of grand opening snafus Lynn...... Too bad.

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