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Friday, 08 July 2016



that fairy forest! =D so magical!

Ed  (from Yuma)

Great post. Loved the 12th c. churches. Interesting, the exterior romanesque arches at the abbey are completely rounded, but the interior arches and the ones on the bizarre church are ever so subtly pointed.


It as Lynnea.

Hi Ed - What was really interesting for us with regards to the churches in the area is that the façade is usually dated, but the building behind the façade might be newer or built during different period.

Ed  (from Yuma)

Yes, you can see the discontinuity, especially at Saint Avit Riviere. The facade has no stylistic relation at all. Very interesting things.

The pointy arches are just interesting because they are barely pointed at all - the earliest hints of Gothic.


what a great adventure!


We really did enjoy driving around Kat!

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