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Tuesday, 26 July 2016



Speaking of neighborhood japanese joints, Shimbashi Izakaya opened in the Del Mar area. The Del Mar area usually lacks in asian cuisine, but opening an Izakaya seems intriguing. I haven't tried yet, but I'd be curious of your opinions.


Hi Jason - Yeah, I know about Shimbashi, they've been open for 4 years or so now, right? I just haven't been too motivated since it seems more style than substance to me.


Wow, has it been open that long? I guess that shows how often I go to that mall! Maybe one of these days I'll try it and see how it compares to the Convey contingent.


Dang. Where's the king of all donburi the katsudon!


Time sure does fly Jason!

Nowhere to be found Junichi.....nowhere to be found. Maybe they'll expand the menu one day.


Hope they will continue to get better:)


I wish I had semi decent joint like this. I wonder if the water next door will flavor the soup better?


I hope so too Kat.

I had sort of the same thought Billy!

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