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Wednesday, 20 July 2016



that burger looks good!


I tried looking up Shake Shack menus to see prices, and they're about twice what In'n'Out's are, so I think InO will be just fine. :)


InOut forever!!!



It was Kat!

I think InO will be "fine" too Jessica. But I do think SS can take away market share....because price is basically only one of the factors when making purchasing decision.

@Billy #LOL.....


Never tried Shake Shack. I'll have to try it when they open at UTC. The meat looks great!


Hopefully you'll get a chance to check them out Soo.


UTC? You don't think 5 Guys would pull away some of that line? (that being said, I wasn't overly impressed with 5 Guys: way messy, ratios were off.)


Well perhaps SS would pull away some of Five Guys line....I'm obviously not a big fan of theirs Jan. So far, this is just a rumor, so we'll see what happens.


Having lived out east I could never figure out what the big deal was with shake shack. It had good shakes, and better fries than IN n Out ( not saying much) but the burgers were always kinda meh.

Regarding Philadelphia airport, that used to be my hub when I lived out east for three years and it has and remains an absolutely atrocious airport to utilize. Food wise the only good places there are chickie and Pete's, which is a good sports bar chain in the area, and this Asian bar restaurant in terminal C. The rest, minus a fast food chain or two you like, is horrible. Basically whenever I'd fly out of philly I'd always bring my dinner or lunch with me. When I flew out of San Diego as I do now, I specifically don't bring my lunch with me. Astonishing to think about.


Hey Loren - I actually thought the burger at Shake Shack was pretty good; I was especially surprised because it was in the airport. I'm sure there are many folks in SoCal who think about InO the same way you regard SS. We actually try NOT to eat in airports, but sometimes we have extrememly long lay-overs and have no choice.

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