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Tuesday, 28 June 2016



Hope they can continue to serve fresh fish:)

Som Tommy

Another place to add to my list.


I hope so too Kat!

Check them out and let me know what you think ST.


I've been going to Tokyo Deli a bit as I work in East Village. The poke bowl is just the right portion size for me so that I don't feel like I need a nap when I get back to my desk. My typical order looks like the second bowl.

Minor correction about the avocado & cream cheese pricing: It's only extra if you get more than two toppings. If you only get two, as I do with avocado and onions, the price stays at $9.80.


I wish for something like that here.
The burrito was scary.


Hi Derric - I think this place has potential; though that "half and half" was a bit light for me and I'm not a big eater.

Hi Billy - I hope the poke profiliation heads your way!


Not related to this restaurant, but poke-related: I noticed last night that Poke One N Half started their soft opening. It's the one located in the Mitsuwa shopping center, a few doors down from Nishiki. Really hoping you guys will review. I haven't even tried Pokirrito yet or the one in the Zion food court, and now there's this other one!


PS: I'm starting to think that poke is the new froyo. My boyfriend and I would always joke about when the froyo bubble would pop and what would take the place of all those empty froyo shops. Guess it's time to watch for when the poke bubble pops. Or rather, what will poke the poke bubble. Ba dum tss. ;)


Hi G - I was at Mitsuwa this morning and saw the balloon arch. I'll get to it.

Yep, poke is the new Froyo-boba-cupcake-ramen-cronut-blah-blah-blah. And as with all things; critical mass hits....

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