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Sunday, 05 June 2016



too bad about the sandwiches, they look huge though


Garlic powdered fries, yuck I bet it's more salt than garlic.


This used to be Urban Chicken, then Sherman's Shack. Too bad about the garlic fries. For a place with Garlic in its name, you would think they'd want to use real garlic. Too many flavors going on with the sandwiches it seems.


They are very large and messy Kat!

I wasn't fond of those fries Billy.

I think it was some BBQ place between that too, right CC?


So was there any hint of garlic in the sandwiches? Place was also Sque BBQ.


So, "Garlic Shack"? Did they have... garlic? I would have expected baskets of roasted garlic, garlic dip, garlic hummus, garlic bread, garlic smoothies, garlic wings...


When I think garlic fries, I think Gaglione Brothers garlic fries.


Some Junichi, but not much.....the flavor was all over the place.

Just granulated garlic on those fries "D"!

I do enjoy Gaglione's garlic fries Jason....when they don't burn the garlic. Man, it's been awhile since I've been I'm craving some Cheesesteaks.

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