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Saturday, 11 June 2016



Yeah prefer not to smell like the food.

Pam from Santee

Banana and clove scents are classic attributes of hefeweizen. These aromas come from esters produced by the yeast. Many American wheat beers, however, use yeasts that produce very little flavor, for a beer that is focused on grain and hops.

I say let the yeast do what it wants!

/end beer nerd mode


Agreed Billy.

I agree Pam.....after all, look what Cantillon does with spontaneous fermentation. I've had Hefeweizen with distinctive clove, but never that much of a banana fragrance.


I always know when Satoshi eats at places like these because his clothes smell oily/smoky


Hi Kat - I'm kind of used to smelling mildly smoky for Korean BBQ places, but man, this one was bad.


Hi Kirk! Did your hair still smelled smoky the next day? I always have to take a shower after Korean BBQ to get the smell out of my hair. Can't imagine how long I'd have to shampoo my hair after this place.


Hey Carol - I actually washed my hair twice! So nice to hear from you; hope all is well.


It took me a moment to decipher what the words on the barrels meant. I was trying to read it side to side when in fact it's top-down.


Interesting Junichi....I didn't even ask the Missus if she knew what was written on those barrels.


In Japanese the barrels say: "麦とホップを製すればビイルとゆふ酒になる." Roughly means "when you process wheat and hops it turns into an alcoholic drink called beer." It was used as an advertising catchphrase back in 1876 when people in Japan were still unfamiliar with beer. If you look at the original brewery when it opened the same words are painted in the barrels.


Nice! Thanks Junichi!

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